Ever wonder why many poor people never recieve their donations of money, food and clothing ?
    Many third world countries recieve many donations world wide. But what you dont know is that many of these countries take away the donations once shipped and then retail them for profits depriving those people who they were intended for.  This has been an ongoing problem for many years and we have to outsmart these crafty ones with Common Sense !

Hunger in Tinago
How many children do you know who can eat foods such as seen on this plate ?
Nathalia Cinto
Sitting down for a hot plate of Spaghetti !
The Children in Tinago sometimes go several days without food and wear shanty hole filled clothing ! Many cant afford to attend schools because schools here require money in advance to accept children. 

No matter what the world is doing, the donation groups and help groups many see on tv or in news articles dont realise that most countries steal the donated foods and clothing and sell it to make profits dennying it to be used for the children.

  How can the Few help the Many ? By donating directly where the needs can be "On The Spot Hand Delivered". And overhead doesnt exist. The direct approach is by Western Union which reaches world-wide and is most secured in knowing where your donation has gone. We come in as a Mediator for it !
And No we wont beg or scam anyone. All donations will be met with images of what they are used for and direct contact using FaceBook Video Messenger and or Skype if applicable. I am an American living now in Tinago and ive seen things most people would lose a stomach over. It is my wish to help those poor living here. I cannot help all of them and this is where YOU COME IN !!!!

You can find us at:
lala proper,
At Tinago Village.

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